Our goal is to give our members the 'wow factor' time and time again.

About Us

SAVVY CONCIERGE is a luxury bespoke lifestyle management and concierge service that gives you the opportunity in today’s busy world, to delegate the management of your lifestyle, to a team of highly skilled and competent professionals while you optimize your free time.

Based in UK, we provide high quality and reliable services to busy individual and businesses in Africa, London, Europe, UAE and India.

Imagine a world where your holidays and travel arrangements are meticulously organised on your behalf, where friends’ and loved ones’ gifts are bought and sent for you, where recommendations and reservations at the finest restaurants and hottest new bars are taken care of.  A world where seeking out your ideal home or property investment, sourcing that elusive Wimbledon finals’ ticket, Royal Ascots tickets, Box office tickets or selecting the finest Arts in the world and organising your business itinerary, all done for you.

At Savvy Concierge we know and understand the value of time for our time-pressed members, we pull out all the stops to meet their needs.  No request is too big or too small – we embrace every request with equal devotion to ensure support for your business, and to enhance your quality of life.

We’re discreet, efficient and extremely resourceful at sourcing only the best quality products and services for our members.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a world class concierge company that is known for its impeccable service and ability to delight customers.

Our mission

Savvy Concierge’s expert team of service providers are driven by one single aim – achieve an exceptionally high level of Customer Satisfaction in all interactions.