Top 7 Beautiful Beaches in Africa


When we think of beach holidays, we often look to islands and exotic locations in our quest. To avoid tourist traffic, these beautiful African beaches are perfect mix of relaxation and culture.

Top 10 African Car Manufacturers

The demand for automobiles in Africa is very high and millions of cars are imported into the continent on a monthly basis yet the improvement of our indigenous car manufacturing companies hasn’t been so rapid compared to the demand of cars on the continent.

5 Valentine Scottish Getaways

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the deficit from Christmas over-spending leaves little for an international getaway. But, there is hope. Scotland have affordable deals and islands to rival that of international resorts. If you’re looking to escape the city for peace and quiet, there is no better retreat from the chaos of modern life than these five, fine islands off the west coast.


New Year, Realistic Fitness Goals

It might sound cliché to set healthier lifestyle choices for a new year but, for many a new year brings along new perspectives of change.

We believe to fail to plan is to plan to fail thus, we are here to help you find the easiest and most efficient ways to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

The Savvy Christmas Getaway

At Savvy Concierge, we pride ourselves on offering unique and alternative experiences for our travel-lovers. Contrary to popular destination spots in snow filled resorts and crowded Caribbean hotspots, we bring you unique locations which as much excitement! These destinations satisfy wanderlust and might even be more economical to travel to.


At Savvy Concierge, we absolutely believe that travel is an integral part of daily life and we encourage everyone to escape from the normalities of daily work to seek adventure and relaxation. Our #SavvyTravel subsidiary of our brand ensures that we bring you great getaway destinations and the best deals you can find. Here are the five  Luxury Caribbean Holidays

10 Reasons To Make South Africa Your Winter Destination

Winter is coming but the holiday season is still upon us. Savvy Travel is all about maximising the most out of the holiday experience.

Many locations offer great winter escapes and which better place to go than to the exotic South Africa! South Africa boasts a striking landscape and awesome wildlife. If you need more reasons to visit South Africa, below are 10 more reasons to help you decide

The African Billionaires 2016

The African continent has produced many wealthy people; with over 20 known billionaires. Here are the richest people in Africa, according to Forbes.


The key to an awe inspiring event is the quality of event planning. An intricately planned event leaves a lasting impression and adds class and glamour to any occasion.


Treat your loved ones to 7 days in London with the Savvy Concierge full package to this year’s Royal Ascot in the UK, From 14th  – 18th June, 2016.


It is often said that Success is “nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” We all aim to build a meaningful life and leave behind a prosperous and positive legacy. The road to success however, is not a straight one;

HSBC To Offer Voice and Fingerprint ID System to Customers

HSBC is launching voice recognition and touch security services in the UK in a big leap towards the introduction of biometric banking.


The workplace is where skills, expertise and persona comes to play. A place where egos and capabilities merge with the goal of accomplishment and success. It is by no surprise that our biggest fears stem from tasks at our various workplaces. It is often said that we often give power to our fears if we fail to act on them, thus, we have compiled a list of the top workplace fears and how to overcome them.



We love travel and we love savvy and innovative ways to maximise festivities. Valentine’s Day is one of many festive celebrations that require a little effort

3 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas

We are officially in the month of LOVE! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Savvy is here to the rescue. It is easy to get caught in the moment and fail to properly plan a sentimental and unique activity for your partner. Giving that restaurants will be filled and pricy on the day, have a few unique alternatives for you to try.


Travelling is one of the most popular pastimes of mankind. It gives us the ability to explore and gain new experiences. Outside of enjoyment, travelling has several benefits to our wellbeing:

Business Start-ups: From Idea to Execution

Starting a business is a difficult yet feasible feat. We have all had that one good idea which we hope to turn into a successful venture, but, been put off by the process. At Savvy Concierge, we understand the importance of start-ups and hope to bridge the gap between idea and execution.

A Healthy Start to the New Year

Overindulging during the festive season is inevitable. Luckily, we have a New Year, to start afresh and undo the gluttonous damage we incurred during the holidays. New Year’s resolutions are known to be unsustainable, so instead, we have a handful of attainable health and lifestyle changes to make this New Year a healthy and fit one.

Savvy Christmas Message

Tis the season to be jolly! and we at Savvy Concierge will like to spread the good joy and happiness the season has to offer.


Christmas getaways are a unique and stress free approach to making the most out of the festive season. It allows a change of scenery and exposes you to a wealth of culture and varying practices. This year, you can feed into your wanderlust with these fantastic locations below.


An astute host knows that Christmas is a significant time to impress. From appetizers to décor, each detail makes a substantial difference to the atmosphere and fun of the party.


It’s the festive season with excitement in the air and what better way to enjoy it than to make the most of the activities in store?

We have compiled a list of 8 Christmas activities worth doing and guaranteed to keep the family entertained.


Fed up of the queues and unoriginal Christmas gifts that shopping centres and the high street has to offer? Well look no further! Help is at hand! Each year, Christmas markets make an appearance across the city each offering unique and vibrant gifts.

We have compiled a list of our top Christmas markets just for you. Each of these markets have a combination of shopping and Christmas fun for all the family

Africa’s biggest company is launching a Netflix competitor in the US

Africa’s largest media company – Nasper’s, has plans to expand its new video streaming service to North America, Europe and Asia.

Are You Savvy About Us?

Welcome all! We would like to formally introduce you to our news section.

We are Savvy concierge, a lifestyle management and concierge service, aiming to make light work of your tasks! This is what we do in a nutshell:

Savvy Concierge Launch, London

Distinguished guests, business owners and media personalities were among those who attended the launch of corporate and private VIP lifestyle management service Savvy Concierge held at the Ghana High Commission in London on Friday 21st February 2014. See all the pictures here



Ten African Millionaires Under 40

Africa has a new class of millionaires. Many are not members of dynasties and few are into the traditional generators of African wealth – resource mining and exploration or brokering of lucrative government contracts.

They have grabbed new tools and made new friends. With technology in one hand and foreign investment in the other, these millennials are building business that will diversify Africa’s economic landscape. They also aren’t doing too badly for themselves.

Ventures Africa compiled a list of 10 ‘new millionaires’ under 40 whose ideas are both transforming the continent and making them fabulously wealthy. Click here to read more